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ECS EPCC Camp Registration

Early Childhood School at BSO
Summer 2020 Adventures 

 We are pleased to announce that ECS has been approved to be an Essential Personnel Childcare (EPCC) program. In doing this, we can open this summer for emergency personal or parents that have been called back to work under the Phase 1 Maryland Reopening Plan. Valid work documentation will be required during the registration process.  

ECS has a goal to create a soft opening for our families this summer. We will begin by opening the summer program from 8:30am -1:00pm on June 22. Our camp will look different as we are limited to students and teachers. The camp tuition rate has been adjusted in order to support teachers' salaries and maintain proper cleaning by our custodial company throughout the day. Currently, our summer program will offer only two summer options listed below: 

 Session 1: A five-week program, starting June 22nd to July 24th 
Session 2: A four-week program, starting July 27th to August 21st  

The summer program will be an outdoor adventure camp. Weather permitting, the children and staff will remain outdoors in shaded areas and under carport tents. It has been noted that outside is the safest place to be for children and easily allows us to maintain distancing between children. The playground has been designed for outdoor classrooms. Students will rotate to different activities that include science, art, literacy, dramatic play, and water play. If the weather does not permit, camp will be held indoors for that day. 

Currently due to budget constraints, it is only feasible to open our summer program if we have at least 8 students registered for each session with a maximum capacity of 16 students per session. The camp tuition will be billed weekly and will stop immediately if we cancel our summer program due to exposure of the virus. If you are interested and you are part of an essential personnel family (or called back into work during Phase 1), we ask for a commitment from your family by June 12, 2020. 

ECS will follow all health and safety guidelines from the CDC, Maryland Health Department and Maryland State Department of Education.

2020 Summer Program Tuition

The ECS reserves the right to modify class options based on enrollment requirements.
Early Childhood School at B'nai Shalom of Olney does not discriminate against students or staff on the basis of gender, race, religion, color, sexual orientation, or national origin.


Student and Parent Information

Emergency Contact Information

If you would like to add another family member and/or family friend to the authorized personnel list for your child, please state the full name, address,  best contact number, and the relationship to the child for each person. This also authorizes the Early Childhood School to release your child to the indicated individuals(s) above. In the event that we cannot reach a parent/guardian in an emergency, the office will contact the additional personnel.

Allergy Information
The Medication Administration form can be found here.

Consent and Permission
Cloth Face Coverings for Children

The use of cloth face coverings by children in a child care setting should be guided by the following considerations which impact a child’s ability to wear a cloth face covering safely and consistently. Each child care program should determine the feasibility of implementing the use of cloth face coverings based upon the characteristics of the children in its care as well as the availability of staff to support the safe and consistent use of cloth face coverings by children.

The child care program may identify other program or child specific considerations when determining feasibility of implementing the use of cloth face coverings in child care programs.
  • Cloth face coverings should NOT be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance;Some children, particularly those under age 5 years, may not be developmentally capable of wearing a cloth face covering without frequent touching of the mask or their face or attempting to take the mask off, or be unable to remove it safely without assistance;
  • Some children with developmental or behavioral conditions may have difficulty tolerating cloth face coverings;
  • Some children with respiratory conditions or other medical problems may have difficulty breathing or have other safety concerns when wearing a cloth face covering; and
  • Some children with physical limitations may not be able to remove a cloth face covering without assistance.

Parents and child care staff should discuss the considerations above for an individual child, and consult with the child’s health care provider if necessary (e.g., for children with certain conditions such as asthma), to determine if an individual child age 5 years and older is able to safely and consistently wear a cloth face covering while in child care.

If you would like your child to wear PPE, please send in your child with personal protection equipment at drop off. For more information, please click here.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

We have established an emergency evacuation plan for our school. Hopefully, we will never need to implement this plan, but we want to make sure you are aware of this just in case we must evacuate the building and are unable to return. Our friends at St. John’s Episcopal Church next door to us at: 3247 Olney-Laytonsville Road will welcome your children and our teachers. Parents would be expected to pick their children up at St. John’s Episcopal Church as soon as they are notified about the emergency. Teachers will stay with your children at all times until you or someone listed on your carpool form arrives. Our backup evacuation is KinderCare across the street at 3805 Gelding Lane.

Children with Special Needs

All children are welcome in our Early Childhood School. We do not discriminate based on race, color or national origin in the admission of our students. We do everything that is possible to accommodate all children in our program. Our Early Childhood School is affiliated with the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA), the Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning (PJLL) and the Center for Outreach in Education (CORE). They can provide support help, classroom observations, and recommendations for professional referrals and training for staff to support children with special needs.

When we have a child that is having difficulty in our typical early childhood school classroom, we will consult with parents and our representatives from JSSA, PJLL or CORE. We will work exhaustively with parents, the Early Childhood School staff and any support personnel hired by the parents (for example, educational consultants, physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, etc.) to accommodate your child.

If it is decided that the child can be accommodated in our classroom with a trained support person providing one-on-one help for that child, it is hoped that the early childhood school program will continue for that child. Our affiliated agencies will provide training for our staff and consult with the parents and the professional staff the parents are using.

It needs to be understood by all parties involved that parents must pay for the additional support person in the classroom and CORE’s training of that support person. The parents must also pay for consultations, testing and professional services. It would be expected that parents would work with the Early Childhood School staff to get the appropriate support help and be involved in the development and individual education plan for their child.

We will make every effort to work with you and your child. If, however, after exhaustive measures, we are not able to sustain a classroom environment for all of the children that is consistent with the Early Childhood School’s philosophy and goals, it may become necessary to find another program for your child. 

Parent Handbook

All families are required to read and abide by the Parent Handbook. Please click here to read the handbook.

About My Child

If there are changes in your child's home environment (sick family member, divorce, move, death, etc.) please be in contact with us so we can best support your child and family.

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