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BSO Passover Schedule for 5783

Wednesday, April 5th First Night of Pesach - First Seder 6:45 AM   Shaharit and Pre-Pesach Siyyum Bekhorot (offered virtually, in partnership with the Rabbinical Assembly)  (See below for details) 7:18 PM Yom Tov Candle Lighting Thursday, April 6th First Day of Pesach & Second Seder 9:15 AM Yom Tov Pesach Morning Services 8:18 PM Yom Tov Candle Lighting  

Friday, April 7 Second Day of Pesach 9:15 AM  Yom Tov Pesach Morning Services 7:20 PM Shabbat Candle Lighting 7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv Services Saturday, April 8 Third Day of Pesach (Hol Ha-Mo-ed) 9:15 AM Shabbat Hol Ha-Mo-ed Pesach Morning Services

Sunday, April 9 Fourth Day of Pesach (Hol Ha-Mo-ed) 9:00 AM Sunday Morning Hol Ha-Mo-ed Pesach Minyan Monday, April 10 Fith Day of Pesach (Hol Ha-Mo-ed) 7:30 PM Evening Minyan

Tuesday, April 11 Sixth Day of Pesach (Hol Ha-Mo-ed) 7:24 PM  Holiday Candle Lighting 7:30 PM Evening Minyan

Wednesday, April 12
Seventh Day of Pesach
9:15 AM
Yom Tov Pesach Morning Services,
8:24 PM
Holiday Cancle Lighting

Thursday, April 13
Eighth Day of Pesach
9:15 AM
Yom Tov Pesach Morning Services, including Yizkor
8:25 PM
Havdallah/Pesach ends

                 Pre-Pesach Siyyum Bekhorot

It is customary on the morning before Pesach for the first born in each family to fast in recognition of the fact that the lives of the Israelite first born were spared when God smote the Egyptian first born during the tenth and final plague. Since fasting would be difficult on the morning of the Seder, the practice of holding a Siyyum, the celebration of the completion of a tractate of study which obligates participants to eat (superseding the fast) was instituted. The Siyyum is held this year on Wednesday morning, April 5. All are invited to join virtually in a special national Siyyum presented by the Rabbinical Assembly beginning at 6:45 AM.

The East Coast Fast of the Firstborn concludes with a pre-Pesach Siyyum of Masekhet Bavli Sotah, led by Rabbi Dr. Mordecai Schwartz. All are welcome to join us for this all-levels celebration of learning. Program begins with Shaharit at 6:45am ET followed by the Siyyum starting around 7:30am ET.
To attend the Siyyum, please register in advance below.

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                           Preparing for Pesach

If you are looking for a Passover Seder to join or are hosting a Seder and would be willing to have BSO members join you at your seder table, fill out this form and we will help you connect!

Register Here 

Each year, the Rabbinical Assembly, the rabbinic organization of the Conservative Movement, publishes a handbook with the most updated halachic guidance on how to prepare your home for Passover, which foods are acceptable to be eaten during Passover, and other important points of knowledge for this year's observance of Pesach. Click below to view this years handbook.

5783 RA Pesach Guide

                             Selling Your Chametz

Since ownership of chametz (bread and other leavened products) is not allowed during Pesach, ideally all chametz in one's possession would be given away or destroyed before the holiday begins. Since this often represents a financial hardship, the practice arose for people to store away their chametz before Pesah and arrange to sell it for the duration of the holiday. By filling out the form linked below, you are appointing Rabbi Nagelberg to arrange the sale on your behalf. 

Authorize Here

What are Maot Hittim?

Jews preparing to celebrate Pesach have always been concerned that everyone in the Jewish community be able to do so. Maot Hittim is the special fund used to buy Passover supplies for those who need them, so that no one need be deprived of any supplies or be unable to prepare a Seder because of economic difficulty. To participate in this important mitzvah, you can make a contribution to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund (marked “Maot Hittim”).

Please note: No contribution is necessary to authorize the rabbi to sell your chametz.

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                             The Kitchen Corner

Cooking ideas you can't

If you don't know what to make for passover this year, find new recipes in this Pesach Cookbook from our partners at the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Cookbook Recipes

Kashering the BSO
Kitchen for Passover

If you are able to volunteer some time in the days before Pesach to help clean and turn over the BSO Kitchen, please email Helene Rosenheim at

Sat, February 24 2024 15 Adar I 5784