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B’nai Shalom of Olney has an active core of volunteers creating diverse programs, recommending policies and working with our members to provide for their needs during simhas and sorrows. Your involvement will ensure that these services continue to be a vital part of our congregation.

Members of B’nai Shalom of Olney plan our programs and make activities happen. We welcome and depend on the many talents of our congregants. There are an infinite number of ways to participate in synagogue life. There are committees for education, fund raising, membership, land and building, religious, bikur holim, hesed, and Youth Commission, to name a few. 

Standing Committees

Membership (Chair: Jonathan Lieberman)
The Membership Committee provides information and support to current and potential members of BSO. It hosts various events in support of current and prospective members throughout the year including the Boo-Hoo Breakfast on the first day of preschool, Welcome Back Breakfast at the opening of Sunday school and delivery of welcome baskets to new members.

Programming (Chair: Jonathan Lieberman)
The Programming Committee coordinates various educational and social events at BSO throughout the year. 

Publicity (Chair: Open) 
This group works to heighten community and member awareness of activities and programs that BSO offers.

Fundraising (Chair: Open)
The Fundraising Committee is dedicated to organizing, promoting and conducting a variety of fundraising activities for BSO throughout each year.

Inclusion (Chair: Open)
The Inclusion Committee works to raise awareness of special needs and other groups at BSO.  It hosts an annual Inclusion Shabbat, that includes sign interpreters, members of group homes, and speakers.

Youth Commission (Chair: Harriet Caplan)
The Youth Commission organizes and holds meaningful and fun programs targeted to youth and families at BSO.  These activities include holiday programs, trips, community service and sporting events that integrate Jewish values and teachings. The activities are organized by age group to ensure that they are tailored to the youths’ needs. 

Religious School Education (Education and Youth Vice President: Harriet Turkheimer )(Chairpersons:  Laura Lieberman)
The Education Committee works with the Religious School director to support the education of our children in the Morduck and Rebecca Kapiloff Religious School.

Early Childhood School (Chair: Maya Nelson)
The Early Childhood School Committee provides support to the Early Childhood School director and is a liaison between the families of our ECS and the Board.

Legal and By-Laws (Chair: Jerry Oslick)
The Legal and By-Laws Committee meets several times a year to review and update our congregational by-laws to meet the changing needs of the congregation.

Library (Chair: Ron Schneider)
This committee maintains the Lt. Col. Simon and Frances Broder Library, containing more than 2000 volumes relating to various aspects of Judaism and Jewish-related fiction.  The committee has responsibility for purchasing new books, disposing of books no longer desired, arranging books on the shelves in the library, maintaining an up-to-date catalog of inventory and various types of book displays on an occasional basis.  The members of the committee meet as needed. Volunteers are always welcome.

Social Action (Chair: Open)
The Social Action Committee develops programs and opportunities for congregants to get involved in enhancing the well-being of the local, national and global community. In addition, there is a "Mitzvah of the Month" project announced in the Newsletter and in online communications.  

Religious (Chair: Aaron Weinberg)
The Religious Committee is set up to organize, administer and supervise all matters pertaining to the religious activities of the Congregation.  The committee cooperates with clergy in the performance of these responsibilities.  The committee meets monthly, and congregants are welcome to attend or to provide input for consideration whenever they wish.  We welcome your input and look forward to serving you.

Bikur Holim (Chair: Roberta Grief)
B’nai Shalom of Olney’s Bikur Holim Committee was formed to reach out to our members, their families and friends when they are in need of support from their Community
Hesed (Chair: Harriet Turkheimer)
Hesed is not merely an emotion or feeling but involves action on behalf of someone who is in need. Hesed describes a sense of love and loyalty that inspires merciful and compassionate behavior toward another person.  This committee is here to help those in need during any life cycle event of our members. 


Israel Connection (Chair: Ben Katcoff)
The committee meets to review important issues regarding the State of Israel. We write editorials and Op-Ed pieces, meet with elected officials and encourage our membership to be pro-active advocates for Israel. Israel Bonds phone number 301-654-6575.
Endowment (Chair: Fred Lewis

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to obtain and administer capital resources to broaden the base of support for BSO’s operational needs and to build a permanent endowment that can help serve as a financial underpinning for the religious, charitable and educational needs of the next generation of BSO members.  

Torah Reader Coordinator (Noreen Friedman)

Haftarah Reader Coordinator (Paula Evans)

Kiddush Konversation (Earl Kudlick)

Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784