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Conservative Jewish Education

Conservative Jewish education should be the foundation for young people to become active members of a Jewish community and a Jewish home. This type of education should encompass support of Israel and Jewish organizations, affiliation with synagogues, participation in a Jewish community, commitment to Shabbat and  holidays and living a Jewish lifestyle in and out of the Jewish home. 

Our Goals

We would like each student to receive an array of Jewish experiences to coincide with their required classes for a complete Jewish training. 

Students should be able to participate in a Conservative Shabbat, holiday or weekday service with knowledge of the Torah service and what it means to be a Bar Mitzvah student. They should be able to use a Siddur, a Chumash and a tallit.  We would like each student to be able to know important people in our history and understand concepts such as Zionism, mitzvot, ethics, theology and life-cycle and be able to fully participate in the Shabbat experience and holiday celebrations. Mostly, we would like their Jewish education to be filled with ruach - spirituality and a sincere pride in being Jewish.

At B’nai Shalom Kapiloff Religious School, we use the classroom as a place to build community. The strategies and philosophy we use promote and create shlom bayit, a harmonious school atmosphere. Our students will learn Jewish sources and Jewish life-skills that will help them develop menschlikite behavior. Judaism is an learned life-style, the more we live it, the more it becomes ours. 
Tue, July 7 2020 15 Tammuz 5780